Monday, February 13, 2012

~A Valentine S.O.S. & Other Ramblings~

The picture below best describes how I feel each morning- as in, I don't want it to be here yet. 
Especially on a Monday with an entire week stretched out before me.
Sad- because I used to get excited about Monday mornings- a whole week to come meant possibility; I miss being in that place of expectancy. It does still come in, here and there- but it's a struggle at best. At least it is for now.

However- even though it is a struggle, joy can be found if I intentionally let things as they are go, and decide to put down roots right where I am- it sounds contradictory, but it's the only way.

One joy that has been easy to find is my hyacinth- already in full bloom and casting it's sweet fragrance for the passerby.
Loving that bright, no-nonsense pink!
It won't last long, but it is content on shouting 'Here I am!' while it can.

And here is something else that is shouting, "Here I am!"- the laundry pile.
It procreated over the weekend and has now taken over. It needs to be taken care of- 
so here I am, blogging about it. Makes sense.

The kitchen looks about the same way. That's partly due to our little 'tea party' last night.

We've had a tradition of a 'Valentine Tea' followed by family valentine making for years now.
This is my feeble attempt for this year: heart shaped scones were about the best I could muster.
And really, it's okay. We didn't even end up making any valentines- none of us really cared.

 Holidays and their traditions are hard when everything that used to be just isn't anymore.
As the Older said, "It just doesn't matter if we're not a family."
Yeah- I know. 
But even though his dad isn't here anymore, I wish he could see that we three are still a family. Of course, that's easy for me to say- I'm not the one going back and forth between the broken pieces. 
And at the same time- it isn't easy for me to say. I love him and miss him too.

So this is where I'm sending out a Valentine S.O.S.-
I need ideas; new traditions to start this Valentine's Day!! 

Please, please help if you can!! If you have any ideas of something special to do for/with a couple of 'pre-teen' boys for Valentines PLEASE let me know!!
I really need some help here!

And speaking of the big day full of hearts- here is about all I could handle decorating wise:

A carved heart under glass.
It's a familiar feeling.

And a few other little bits of pink and purple made there way into February's decor as well.

And a swirl of snowflakes.

And even a smidgen of romance- something I hope to experience again. Someday.
And so I say fondly to you-



  1. I hope you are having a cheery valentine's day. It's the special moments that make the day worth celebrating. Play a game, share a movie together, make dinner together - Also instead of making valentines for other people sit down write cards for each other. You are so special because cards ... it's sure to put a smile on everyones face :)

  2. praying for you today my friend. you've been on my heart off and on all day. that little carved red heart under the glass is so lovely. and to me, its a picture of your heart, covered and protected by the Lord. He is your heart's Caretaker. And He is standing guard. blessings to you, my sister, lora


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