Thursday, March 29, 2012

~ Waving the White Flag ~

It is one of those days friends:

It is dark, windy, non-stop pouring rain,
and I'm stuck wondering where is spring?

And where am I for that matter. . .?

The basement is doing what basements do best:  leaking.
The 'must get done' list is endless,
the basic house upkeep hasn't even been gotten to,
I had a long list of plans for the day, and where did the day go?

The child who is home schooled fights me at every turn,
the other child fights me . . . because he's been sick for five days in a row and stuck at home . . .
and because he's twelve.

I keep dropping everything, knocking stuff over and
my desk is so messy I don't know where to begin- but I must because I need it for important stuff
Like school papers that must be turned in tomorrow, mail to send out, emails to write-

And when I finally find exactly what I have been looking for-
it doesn't even work! . . . and needs a new part . . . that they're out of.
Of course.

Everything calls out to get done, nothing feels like I am doing it right,
I'm angry and jealous and tired and frustrated and immature.

I'm failing and emotional . . . and my jeans are tight:

Must be p.m.s.

Ah . . . 
and so, the sweats go on, the leftovers are brought out for dinner 
and Little House on the Prairie episodes with popcorn are the order for tonight-

I know when I'm defeated . . . for now.


(Ps. all the photos are from last week . . . when there was such a thing as a little sun.)

Monday, March 26, 2012

~Double Digits~

Today the Youngest turned ten.
My baby is double digits!

Last Friday we celebrated with a little party for him and some friends.
It may be noticed that we had a 'theme'.

The invitations . . .

The napkins and treat bags . . .

I could not have done it without the help of my wonderful Mom! 
She planned the games, made decorations and directed a good deal of the party.
(I also could not have done it without our wonderful basement to hold it in!)

The birthday boy plays the violin
and so, the chocolate shortbread variety was baked . . .

and tucked into cookie-dough ice cream with whipping cream on top!

He seemed to especially enjoy the part where it goes, "Happy Birthday to ME!"

All in all it was a good party with good kids and fun activities.

Then we did it all again with the extended family the following afternoon!
(can you say 'exhausted' ?)

Then this morning we started the day with birthday breakfast:
chocolate croissants, eggs and apple sausage.

Birthday boys get their juice in the 'fancy' glass.
(He likes to pretend he's having a cocktail . . . hmmm)

And then a little snuggle time . . . and birthday spanking time!

He was even allowed to use Mom's new chair TODAY ONLY!

-I just got it Saturday as a gift from my grandparents. They ordered it but found it uncomfortable so they brought it the three hour's drive down for me! I've never in my life had a recliner, and I'm so excited to have this one- it goes perfectly with my living room and is super comfy (to me!) . . . and to all the other family members; four-legged fur-balls included.

We had a big day doing a little birthday shopping, picture taking and lunch out . . .
He's so fun to hang out with.

I hope he'll look back fondly on turning ten.
I hope he knows how special he is . . . such a unique personality full of amazing talents.
So smart and quick witted; musically gifted, and tender hearted.

I love you Mr. Double-Digits.
And I'm so proud of you.
- Love, Mom

Thursday, March 22, 2012

~It IS Spring, Right?~

This is what we woke to this morning. 

Yes, the cold, white stuff was three inches deep. We have now had more snow in the month of March than in all the winter months combined this year. My poor forsythia- it looks so cold all huddled in it's snowy blanket!

However, the boys were not one bit sad- 
this means snowballs!

(sorry these pictures aren't the best- they were taken through the window)

Do you notice there is a monkey in the yard?
He was doing his best to fill the fire-pit in with snow.

It seems there has been more spring inside than outside this week. And where I live, this is very unusual!

Here is a little 'spring' something I made as a birthday gift for a very dear friend.
I've made these before (all different designs), but it's been a good nine months since and it took way longer to get through than anticipated. I'm eager to make another one right away so I can better remember how I've done it and improve upon it.

So here it is 'leaning' . . .

and here it is 'hanging'.

And a card of course.
(three March birthdays down, three more to go!)

On a separate note:
Things are really tough right now, in just about every way.
Any prayers for myself and my family would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all! I hope your day is much more 'spring-like' than mine!


Friday, March 16, 2012

~After the Rain~

There is nothing more beautiful than a full day of storms: wind, rain, gusts, gales and hail.

                                            Followed by . . .
                                                                                                a new morning.
Where sunlight breaks through the clouds . . .

 and tempts the buds to open.

 I couldn't resist an early walk through the garden this morning- still in my pajamas; camera in tow. 
This is the best time of year for gardening dreams- all those outdoor months are stretched ahead and I can tell myself I have all the time in the world to make them come true!
Yes, there are places all over beginning to burst with life.

 And nothing is more fresh and exuberant than the smell of the air 
still damp but clear. . .

 or the newness and depth of the colors soaked with rain and sunlight.

 All sorts of beauty just popping up everywhere!
Now if only the sun will stay awhile so some real poking about can begin!

 And speaking of poking- 
I've had this orchid for over seven years, and it never bloomed again after I had brought it home. 
There were so many times I wanted to give up on it, but I've been patient and hopeful- after all, the leaves still were green and pretty! Then suddenly, three months ago I noticed the beginning of a new stem, and it has grown steadily since  . . . and now, this very morning the first bud has opened!
Maybe God is trying to say something here?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with unexpected surprises and 
lot' o green!