Thursday, March 29, 2012

~ Waving the White Flag ~

It is one of those days friends:

It is dark, windy, non-stop pouring rain,
and I'm stuck wondering where is spring?

And where am I for that matter. . .?

The basement is doing what basements do best:  leaking.
The 'must get done' list is endless,
the basic house upkeep hasn't even been gotten to,
I had a long list of plans for the day, and where did the day go?

The child who is home schooled fights me at every turn,
the other child fights me . . . because he's been sick for five days in a row and stuck at home . . .
and because he's twelve.

I keep dropping everything, knocking stuff over and
my desk is so messy I don't know where to begin- but I must because I need it for important stuff
Like school papers that must be turned in tomorrow, mail to send out, emails to write-

And when I finally find exactly what I have been looking for-
it doesn't even work! . . . and needs a new part . . . that they're out of.
Of course.

Everything calls out to get done, nothing feels like I am doing it right,
I'm angry and jealous and tired and frustrated and immature.

I'm failing and emotional . . . and my jeans are tight:

Must be p.m.s.

Ah . . . 
and so, the sweats go on, the leftovers are brought out for dinner 
and Little House on the Prairie episodes with popcorn are the order for tonight-

I know when I'm defeated . . . for now.


(Ps. all the photos are from last week . . . when there was such a thing as a little sun.)


  1. Oh so glad to hear that I'm not the only one having one of those days. Wish you much relaxing. I have already put on my tea kettle and turned off all electronics. Sometimes I just love the sweet sound of nothing on these days.

  2. You Poor Wee Thing!!!
    Don't ya just love P.M.S......I think the best part of it is when you realize that what you're feeling is P.M.S....and that the world really isn't against you, that next week most things will be quiet manageable....LOL
    You just do what you need to do to take care of you this week (which will be what your family needs, even if they don't believe it)...LOL

    Be Blessed,

  3. Oh dear x
    I am sending a great big hug your way sweet lady. It will get better,
    just look after yourself x
    wishing you a calm and happy weekend
    love jooles x
    P.S my jeans are tight too!

  4. Sorry to hear about the roughness... but your jeans will be loose again. And the basement will be dry. Have a better weekend!

  5. Ok so this is how it went.

    I hear you, and I commiserate with you.

    the to-do list that never ends, the new plumbing in the bathroom sink, the new toilet and the new shower that all leaks, plus as a bonus the old/new one in the laundry room that sprung a leak.

    When I get a chance sister , I will be pulling out my own set of Little House DVD's and Anne of Green Gables...

    Hang in there!
    About that studio, it is only mine for a few months to look at....until we move....

  6. i love little house on the prairie too - it always makes me feel better! and i can totally relate to the pms thing - it seems to be getting worse as i get older. hang in there, my friend!


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