Thursday, June 26, 2014

~ Summer is . . . ~

. . . puttering about in the front room with the door wide open and rain pouring down . . .
enjoying the fresh cool air rushing into the house
sitting on the porch
watching as the butterfly bush sinks heavy to the ground
. . . . laden with wet, foot-long blossoms . . .

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

~Thrifted Treasure~

Due to the forecast that called for imminent rain today, I had planned a thrift store outing for this afternoon- just me and my boys.
The rain never actually came, but we did stumble on to some treasures . . .
This little plate caught my eye- AND it was half off! 
Isn't it cute all nestled in the serving drawer with my other small platters?
I also found this old brass lamp for only $7.50! It's nice and tall, which I like for reading. 
Now I just need to find the perfect shade to go with it!
The last treasure I found this afternoon was this pretty vintage embroidered linen- I'm totally smitten with it!
 Here's some detail. 
 I just love the colors . . . they're such an unusual color combination . . .
And here is the edge . . . isn't it pretty? 
I still haven't quite decided what I'm doing with this- maybe hang it in the mudroom window as an impromptu curtain.
And while I'm on the subject of thrift store finds, do you see the two patterned pillows below? I found them last month while on a date with my husband (yes, he likes thrift stores, too. He gets points for that.)- I was super excited because they were brand new and only 5 bucks a piece. And I LOVE the colors in them!
In fact, they've been my inspiration for decorating this summer.
Slowly, but surely, things are getting moved about, aired out, tidied up and lightened up. I only use what I already have on hand; just shaking things up a bit . . . packing some things away, bringing other things out from other rooms . . . lots of fun! :)
I'll share more when I get a little further.

What treasures have you found lately? I'd love to hear!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

~Happy Kitchen Blues~

Happy first day of summer!

Having fun getting the kitchen all ready for summer:

new mason jar water bottle for my lemon water . . .
fun red, white and blue strawberry contact paper to decorate under the kitchen sink . . .
an old blue and white pitcher with garden bounty. . .
handwashing my plate rack plates so they're all sparkly clean to welcome summer! . . .

How do you like to freshen things up for summer?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

~Out in the Garden~

I hadn't been out in the garden for a while thanks to two things happening simultaneously: three days of solid torrential downpour (with thunder!), coupled with a nasty cold virus the Youngest brought home and then decided to share with me. 

So when today dawned with some sunshine and I found myself actually able to (sort of) breathe and move around, camera and I tip-toed out into the garden as soon as all the males headed out the door.
There's nothing like a quiet morning-garden after lots of rain.
I enjoyed a calm putter along to visit my plants and see what's blooming.
The hydrangeas were glowing with health- lots of rain made them happy happy happy. The picture above and below is of my largest bush. This one likes to show off with lots of blooms in multiple colors. I need to pop over with some scissors and fill a white pitcher up with those pretty soft pastels. mmmm!
Below is my latest garden acquisition- a 'rescue' plant from Lowes.
You can see how she got scorched last month during some unusually hot weather. They had her sitting sadly in a corner with a 'half off' red slash through her price tag. 
"Yes, you can come home with me, my love. I'll take care of you. I'll give you lots of cold drinks on hot days and I'll tell you how wonderful you are every time I walk by. And in turn you will give me lots of pretty blue and purple blooms and fresh new growth." 
(Yes- I talk to my plants. This is why I need to be in the garden ALONE) ;)
 So far it's been a very rewarding partnership.
 Here is a glimpse of the project I've been working on over the last six weeks . . . continuing the stepping stone path along one long side of my 'lilac' flower bed.
 I'm nearly done- only about four feet to go! Of course, that's about 12 or so more stepping stones to level and dig in to the ground. Maybe by the end of the month?
 And as I continue on, I see the chimney roses could use some pruning. One more thing for the 'to do' list.
 Those purple spike flowers are now fully in bloom. I have no idea what they're called (could you tell?), but I love how they break up all the green right now.
 And more purple! I was surprised to see the butterfly bush is starting to bloom. That's not 'suppose' to happen until July.
 On the other side of the house the daisies seem to be popping up every minute.
 And another batch of roses are starting to open.
 More color . . .
 and a late blooming iris in the mix.
 The butter-bur also loved all the rain we've had. And all the snails loved the butter-bur!
 This is in the back alley along our garage . . . I discovered these wild roses growing here several years ago and they get more prolific each year. I absolutely love them . . . my own little 'secret garden' :)
 And one more beauty to share . . . the garage actually got cleaned out right before I got sick! One can now walk to and from the car without tripping over old pots, buckets, newspaper and broken trellis pieces. Proof positive that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
So what's growing in your garden? Or your garage for that matter!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

~Concert Master~

The Youngest had his final Orchestra Concert this past week. 
We were very proud of him for not only being chosen to be 'Concert Master' for his orchestra, but also for being voted "Most Inspirational" by his peers.
Love this goof. 
He was excited over the award but a little thrown off by the rose. He immediately began thinking of female friends to pawn it off on, but then he got it right . . .
he gave it to me! ;)

Friday, June 6, 2014

~Some Friday Swing~

The Oldest is off to an all-school Jazz Swing Dance tonight- looking all spruced up and oh, so handsome!

I keep asking myself how on Earth he could be graduating from 8th grade- where did time go? When did he get this old?! When did I get this old?!!! And with High School just around the corner all I can ask is how much more grey hair will I have by the time it's over?!!! 
Wait! . . . never mind- don't tell me. I'm thinking ignorance is bliss at this point! ;)

Happy Weekend!