Saturday, June 14, 2014

~Concert Master~

The Youngest had his final Orchestra Concert this past week. 
We were very proud of him for not only being chosen to be 'Concert Master' for his orchestra, but also for being voted "Most Inspirational" by his peers.
Love this goof. 
He was excited over the award but a little thrown off by the rose. He immediately began thinking of female friends to pawn it off on, but then he got it right . . .
he gave it to me! ;)


  1. First chair? Awesome! Wow! He's a cute guy, too...very fun!

  2. How amazing ..... no wonder you are proud!
    love Jooles x x x

  3. Ha! He would have given his Nana the rose if she could have been there! (Wink)
    What a handsome fellow he is. I am so very, very proud of that young man. Thank goodness he has a lot of the goof still in him, too!


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