Saturday, April 27, 2013


Tulips are fast becoming my favorite spring flowers. The sheer color variety meshed with petals that open and close with the sun are making me fall head over heels in love!

Even tulip artwork is quickly grabbing my attention- like this classic still life antique postcard I found at my neighborhood antique mall. Isn't if fabulous?

Here I combined a fresh tulip from the garden with some favorite old vintage pieces . . . love it!

Isn't that color scrumptious?!

And here are a few of my beauties out in their natural habitat- 
the garden.

 I wish I had captured these small pink sweethearts better . . . they prove just how tulips can pull off every mood- from bright bold cheer, to dainty sweetness. 
Now that the tulip season here has ended, I keep asking myself what to plant for next spring- I'm thinking a deep dramatic purple. Something moody to play off my perky reds and yellows. And I'm thinking the would mix well with the pale pink, too. What colors/varieties would you add? These are the kinds of dilemmas I love to have!
Happy Weekend!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 The sun was out this afternoon and the Youngest and I got right to work on his veggie garden. Over a month ago he had worked his hardest to clean out all the old roots, weeds and molded over cat 'surprises' it had still carried from last year. 

Then last weekend he and his dad added some fresh compost and he and I went ahead and bought our starter bounty. His pick: cilantro, parsley, grapefruit mint, leeks, spinach and various lettuces. 

 And so today, he planted.

And yes, I helped.

He listened carefully as he was told how deep to dig the holes and how far apart to make them. And he loosened and tore a bit of the pot-bound roots to get them going before they were planted.
He even whispered to his plants, "grow well" as he tucked them into their new garden bed. 
Eleven years old and still such sweetness.

While we worked Quinn helped, too.
He inspected the compost bed for us.

 And then he took a rest. Inspecting is hard work. And rather stinky.

After carefully labeling his veggies, the Youngest gave them a long drink and promised to visit them tomorrow.

I have no doubt they will do their best to thrive under his care. :)

And then when it was all done and everything had been cleaned up and put away . . .
into the house he went to play video games. 
Such sweetness, but still eleven years old. ;)

By the way- did you notice the great thrift store find I was gardening in?

 My four-dollar vintage gardening smock.

Complete with old plastic buttons and fantastic front pockets just right for your camera while you garden.
I just love it. It even matches my garden sloggers.
 And the price was so right.

Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

~Spring Break~

Even though Spring Break was two weeks ago I am still trying to recover from it.

 It started with Easter Sunday and two sick boys.

 Though being sick didn't stop them from dying eggs the night before,

or hunting for eggs on Easter morning.

And it ended with time alone with the Oldest while his brother was away being spoiled by his Nana.

We needed to get out of the house, so we spent an afternoon walking in the Portland Arboretum. 

The rain spared us.

The magnolias were in bloom.

And they took our breath away.

So that was the beginning and end of our Spring Break.

Curious about the middle?
Well- we spent the majority of it in our hallway.

Sanding it.

Taping it.

And staining it too.

From this:

To this:


Not perfect, but such an improvement over three years of slivers from the unfinished floor. 
Exhausting, but definitely worth the effort. 
(we're talking four hours to tape off that floor!)

And now, with nothing but play rehearsals, school to teach, meals to deliver and a field trip that required hours of training to help with, I am in desperate need of a Second Spring Break. This time one that doesn't include sick kids, home improvement of any kind nor walking over a plank for four straight days to get to our only bathroom! ;)


Monday, April 15, 2013

~The Daffodil Tour ~

I mentioned in an earlier post just how much I adore my daffodils. Right before that nasty virus got to me last month, I managed to get a few pictures of some of the different varieties that call my garden home. Though they are now only a memory I wanted to share a few of them- especially since their cheer was so very welcome in my misery! (cue the violins playing) ;)

*please note* 
I understand each of these flowers has their own special name; most likely from some ancient Latin that carries an impressive number of syllables and has lots of 'us's in it. Something like, 'daffodilus yellowe frillus bulbuous'. 
And I understand that if you are a really serious lover of flora, you may well know each and every genus. If that is you, please forgive my novice ways, as for my purposes I have given them my own names . . . because I don't know Latin and it's just so much more fun!

So- on with the garden tour!

"Early Spring"
As these are the very first Spring flowers to bloom in my garden, they have been christened such.

"Pixie Daffodil"
This is one of the smallest daffs I have . . . they're only just opening their petals here. When they're all the way open, they look just like miniature, miniature daffodils. I think pixies wear them as hats.

"Trumpet Daffodil"
I call it this because of the bright orange announcing it's presence to anyone passing by.

I can't see these daffodils without immediately thinking of peonies. Wouldn't they look amazing in a bouquet of pale pink and white peonies? If only they bloomed at the same time, right?

 "Daffy Dawn"
I think these daffodils are the happiest right as the sun comes up.
They seem to glow like the morning sky.
 Heralds of sunny mornings.

These are like Lily-of-the-Valley in the daffodil world. No, they don't have the scent, but they nod in the same delicate way and they very well may be my favorites.

Here they are in a cluster. Aren't they gorgeous?

"Winged Sunshine"
Okay, as much as I love the Daff-O-Bells, I think these may be my official favorites. Maybe it's their translucent petals that pull me in. They are so delicate and wispy but at the same time they make great cut flowers- this bouquet lasted for a week. 

I hope you enjoyed my little 'daffy' tour- thanks for coming along with me. And since so much has changed in the garden since these were taken, I'll have to do a 'tulip tour' soon. :)