Saturday, April 27, 2013


Tulips are fast becoming my favorite spring flowers. The sheer color variety meshed with petals that open and close with the sun are making me fall head over heels in love!

Even tulip artwork is quickly grabbing my attention- like this classic still life antique postcard I found at my neighborhood antique mall. Isn't if fabulous?

Here I combined a fresh tulip from the garden with some favorite old vintage pieces . . . love it!

Isn't that color scrumptious?!

And here are a few of my beauties out in their natural habitat- 
the garden.

 I wish I had captured these small pink sweethearts better . . . they prove just how tulips can pull off every mood- from bright bold cheer, to dainty sweetness. 
Now that the tulip season here has ended, I keep asking myself what to plant for next spring- I'm thinking a deep dramatic purple. Something moody to play off my perky reds and yellows. And I'm thinking the would mix well with the pale pink, too. What colors/varieties would you add? These are the kinds of dilemmas I love to have!
Happy Weekend!



  1. so gorgeous!! and i love that plate too!

  2. I love tulips too and yours are beautiful, mine are yet to open ..... wish they'd hurry up!
    happy new week
    love jooles xxx


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