Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 The sun was out this afternoon and the Youngest and I got right to work on his veggie garden. Over a month ago he had worked his hardest to clean out all the old roots, weeds and molded over cat 'surprises' it had still carried from last year. 

Then last weekend he and his dad added some fresh compost and he and I went ahead and bought our starter bounty. His pick: cilantro, parsley, grapefruit mint, leeks, spinach and various lettuces. 

 And so today, he planted.

And yes, I helped.

He listened carefully as he was told how deep to dig the holes and how far apart to make them. And he loosened and tore a bit of the pot-bound roots to get them going before they were planted.
He even whispered to his plants, "grow well" as he tucked them into their new garden bed. 
Eleven years old and still such sweetness.

While we worked Quinn helped, too.
He inspected the compost bed for us.

 And then he took a rest. Inspecting is hard work. And rather stinky.

After carefully labeling his veggies, the Youngest gave them a long drink and promised to visit them tomorrow.

I have no doubt they will do their best to thrive under his care. :)

And then when it was all done and everything had been cleaned up and put away . . .
into the house he went to play video games. 
Such sweetness, but still eleven years old. ;)

By the way- did you notice the great thrift store find I was gardening in?

 My four-dollar vintage gardening smock.

Complete with old plastic buttons and fantastic front pockets just right for your camera while you garden.
I just love it. It even matches my garden sloggers.
 And the price was so right.

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  1. I love this post! What a great day it was. Yes, I DID notice your gardening smock. It is just perfect! And Youngest is a great gardener - expert even? But, then again, he has a very good teacher. And Quinn is a good assistant. I just hope that Quinn and his kind don't try to "help" out by adding fertilizer! Then it will be time to get out the bamboo skewers to guard the garden.


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