Wednesday, December 21, 2011

~28 (for the 5th time) ~

This is me, twenty-eight years ago on my 5th birthday. 
Fortunately, my mom doesn't cut my hair anymore so I no longer look like a boy. ;)
My Grammie made me that cake and I still have all the Carebears that are on it. I've never forgotten that cake.

*   *   *   *   *
I haven't shared on here in quite a while, and I miss it very much. Our family has been going through a major crisis since Thanksgiving and I just haven't had the heart to be in this space for awhile. My hope is to share from my heart after the new year has begun, but for now I wanted to pop in and say 'hello- I may be quiet for the moment, but I'm still here.'
I pray that these days we celebrate would be filled with joy- real joy, that knows regardless of circumstances that surround us, there is so much to rejoice in- the stirrings of hope we feel at Christmas culminate in the eternal joy of Easter. And that is something that cannot be taken from us!

Joy and Peace to you all!
Until the new year~