Wednesday, June 25, 2014

~Thrifted Treasure~

Due to the forecast that called for imminent rain today, I had planned a thrift store outing for this afternoon- just me and my boys.
The rain never actually came, but we did stumble on to some treasures . . .
This little plate caught my eye- AND it was half off! 
Isn't it cute all nestled in the serving drawer with my other small platters?
I also found this old brass lamp for only $7.50! It's nice and tall, which I like for reading. 
Now I just need to find the perfect shade to go with it!
The last treasure I found this afternoon was this pretty vintage embroidered linen- I'm totally smitten with it!
 Here's some detail. 
 I just love the colors . . . they're such an unusual color combination . . .
And here is the edge . . . isn't it pretty? 
I still haven't quite decided what I'm doing with this- maybe hang it in the mudroom window as an impromptu curtain.
And while I'm on the subject of thrift store finds, do you see the two patterned pillows below? I found them last month while on a date with my husband (yes, he likes thrift stores, too. He gets points for that.)- I was super excited because they were brand new and only 5 bucks a piece. And I LOVE the colors in them!
In fact, they've been my inspiration for decorating this summer.
Slowly, but surely, things are getting moved about, aired out, tidied up and lightened up. I only use what I already have on hand; just shaking things up a bit . . . packing some things away, bringing other things out from other rooms . . . lots of fun! :)
I'll share more when I get a little further.

What treasures have you found lately? I'd love to hear!


  1. I just love most favorite thing to do! You brought home some treasures! Love them all! That linen is especially nice!

  2. Great finds!! I am in the process of cleaning out, however, so avoiding treasure shopping for now. But when I get my new floors, watch out, heheh!!

  3. Thank you for posting this. Since I can't thrift myself, vicarious thrifting is so welcome. I love the lamp most of all, only because I'm in need of exactly the same thing! The embroidered linen does have the most delightful colors and the pattern is what I like: sweet and simple. The pretty little plate is precious. Boy, did you score! Did the boys find themselves anything? Seeing clean living spaces is also a boost! Your fabulous hydrangeas inspired me to actually brave the blackberries enough to drag a hose over to my poor, pitiful bush and soak it. Now my tiny lime green blooms might have a chance to become something like yours. Neglect, thy name is NanaBeast.

  4. amazing finds!! i LOVE that plate. :)


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