Wednesday, April 30, 2014

~This Evening~

~first bloom on the climbing rose~

~the lavender planted last year is happy indeed~

~two 'welcoming blues' on the back porch~

~a full inspection of the new watering can~

 ~yes, you're my angel (that's a loose translation)~

~oh, AND adorable as well~

 ~but even better than a cat hamming it up~ 
a Husband working in the yard
~(be still my beating heart!)~

~all, this evening~


  1. Well, my two favorite things, too ~ my kitty and my husband, working :)

  2. That rose is stunning!

    And so is that those blue eyes and I always love it when cats fold their front legs up like's so adorable!

    You have a gardener, too, I see! :)


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