Saturday, April 26, 2014


This guy turned 12 exactly one month ago. . .

We decided to throw him a surprise party and nearly our whole family drove down to celebrate. I took him shopping and while we were gone they all hid in the basement.
He was VERY surprised!
Litter box cake was the order of the day. Per his request months earlier . . . the recipe can be found in this book.
Appetizing, eh?

Gifts were given . . . with fanfare . . .

And the birthday boy was THRILLED with his cake!

Nothing like a litter scoop to make cake serving easy!

It was a fun weekend and a great way to celebrate my 'baby'.
Pictures courtesy of my sister.- thanks Nina!


  1. OMG...that cake! hahaha....

    How fun to pull off a surprise. I did that for my oldest one very fun!

    happy birthday!

  2. Having raised sons, that cake is perfect! Now I get a second grandson this summer :)


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