Saturday, May 3, 2014

~Whimsy Weekend~

The Husband is gone for the weekend up North for a special family event . . . meaning? 
I sorta have the weekend to myself.
Yeah, the boys are still here, but at 12 and 14 they kinda aren't all at the same time. They've got their own things going, and for me? Well, the clouds have rolled in and garden work is on hold.

So for now I'm takin' it for what it is . . . a Whimsy Weekend.
No plans- and no car, 'cause The Husband took our only working one. 
Just home to putter about as I please. :)

So far . . . I've gone on a walk, and explored a nearby rose garden I didn't even know existed. 
Got home just before the rain.
I watched an old home video of my boys from 7 yrs ago. Gosh, they were little!
I showered and tried out my new, two-dollar aqua eyeliner (The Youngest wasn't too keen).
I watered my neglected houseplants and filled in the May calendar.
I drank lots of coffee. :)

 And for this rainy afternoon . . . ? Kitchen cleaning and scone baking? Purging and organizing? Perhaps it's time to pack away the Easter decorations? Or clean out the Oldest's closet! Or do some feltie stitching? And I could really use a pedicure!
Who knows what way the weekend will go? 
Hope yours is full of whimsy as well!


  1. If you like horses, the Kentucky Derby may be of interest!

  2. How wonderful to have a whole free weekend ahead of you ..... ooooh the options! whatever you choose have fun!
    happy Sunday
    love Jooles x x x


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