Friday, September 20, 2013

~One Week~

Yes, today means it's been a week exactly since I first got this virus and I am STILL not well. The Oldest brought it home and shared it with me after 'not feeling great' two mornings in a row. And then it was gone . . . while ever since I've been ill, then the Husband went down and yesterday the Youngest caught it as well. Not how I was hoping to spend such a beautiful, mostly sunny week but I'm counting on getting it now means I'm all paid up for the year. ;)

I was just well enough today to spend a little time 'Autumn-izing' my blog- something I am SO in the mood to do here in my home, but simply not up to it yet. The header picture is from our annual trip to the pumpkin patch last year. 

And down below is something I've been meaning to share for the last nine months! After more than four years (on and off) I finally finished this western cross stitch I was making for what used to be my boys' cowboy bedroom . . . which they've outgrown and haven't shared for years now. Things take a long time to get done around here. :)

Sorry about the glare . . . it's hanging in my livingroom and there was just no way around the sun light. I found the frame at a second hand store for a couple dollars and I just love it . . . very rustic and exactly what I was picturing.

Well, I'm off to veg with my boys- Little House on the Prairie and popcorn . . . hope you have a healthy and happy weekend!


  1. Oh dear Jennifer, you poor thing, these bugs can sometimes hang around for what seems like ever.
    My girly and i have been laid low this week too, we are both cross as it was her last week before uni begins so we had planned lots of fun things. We just laid on sofas and moaned!
    wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Oh My Goodness your cowboy sampler is AMAZING! and as the saying goes .....good things come to those who wait!
    love jooles xxx

  2. I agree with Jooles, the cowboy cross stitch is amazing! Do you miss working on it? Looking forward to seeing in person!


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