Sunday, September 15, 2013

~Cozy Sunday~

               Now three peals of thunder and it has begun to rain. Nothing torrential, just those large, heavy drops that make a leaf bounce here and there as if some invisible force has struck it.
Quinn is contentedly curled on our bed upstairs, but Twister has crept away and hidden himself in the basement.

Even though I've been stuck in the house for the last 24 hours with some cold bug, I snuck out to the front porch this morning for a quick snap of our front tree in Autumn array. Some branches bare, others have leaves still summer green and then some carry bunches of garnet to offset it all. It's always the first tree to 'go' and it's changing promises more to come.

I've been spending lots of time resting and drinking tea . . . reading some (Autmn by Susan Branch- one of my favorites) and stretching some (sitting so much just kills my lower back) . . .

and I've started a quilting project . . . my very first. It's a very small project and I'm grateful I decided to start small . . . this quilting-stitch thing is not coming quickly to me. My stitches are crooked and uneven, but I carry on. It's still a cozy way to while away invalid hours. :)

 That and the addition of furry company and a Husband who took care of the crockpot for me hours ago and I am a happy (albeit, sick) camper. 

Happy Sunday!



  1. So sorry to hear you are feeling sicky. Not even a Hawks game to distract you from it! Never in my life have I experienced as many thunder storms as we've had in the last few weeks. Keep close to Him and allow him to rejoice over you with signing.

  2. praying for you to feel better soon!


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