Thursday, February 14, 2013

~ Much Ado About Valentines~

It's been one crazy-packed week and the post I began Monday is now being taken into today. 
And is therefore rather picture heavy.
But I like pictures. They're worth a thousand words. And that gives this post about 15,000 words in only a few hundred. 
Because I'm talented like that. And really tired.
So, without further ado: the Valentine Tour. In pictures.
And a few words.

In the Kitchen Nook.

And Elsewhere.

Happy pom-poms.

Mantle Love.

It's been so much fun decorating and tweaking over the last couple of weeks. Bringing my own joy of the season in to warm and cheer us. 

I adore February as the days stay lighter later and the trees and bushes start swelling with buds to remind us spring is around the corner. I love the starkness that is still with us and how much brighter everything else seems in comparison. I love that it is still winter and I am often commanded by the elements to sit inside and pursue the domestic and the dreams. To me February is like one last deep breath of rest and cozy before the stirrings of spring start to take hold . . . and March comes blowing in with a roar and cacophony all it's own.

But the best thing about February? 
Valentine's Day.
I am quite fond of it- whether to celebrate romance or love in general, it just feels good to remind the people around us that we care!

So for our family a special breakfast was made.

The table was set.

And clues to find the hidden treats were at the ready.

I even received a handmade valentine from The Oldest. I was very moved that he would even bother and decided to ignore the fact that he addressed me as, 'The demon raiser'. I'm guessing that that's what a valentine from a thirteen year old boy looks like and truthfully, some days truer words were never spoken. ;)

After the boys headed off to school, the Husband presented me with a valentine as well. He doesn't do cards, but he does pick out some very cute bracelets. I love the shades of green in this set! And this is the first time he's ever picked out jewelry of any kind for me.
It was a very nice surprise.

And speaking of surprises, just to cap off the day with happy, I found a sweet surprise in the mail from my dear friend Lora . . .
a gorgeous antique Valentine from 1909. Isn't it beautiful? 

"Our humanity comes to its fullest bloom in giving. We become beautiful people when we give whatever we can give: a smile, a hand-shake, a kiss, an embrace, a word of love, a present, a part of our life . . . all our life."
~Henri Nouwen

Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. Oh your Valentine decorations are wonderful! I didn't do much this - slacking in that department. So sweet of your hubby to pick out beautiful jewelry for you. That card - Wow so pretty!!!

  2. everything looks just beautiful my friend! i love the jewelry your husband picked out for you, too!! and i am SO glad you received the post card before valentine's day! isn't it sweet?!
    love you friend!

  3. What a wonderful day of love for you....what a blessing♥ I loved your beautifully set table....hubby did a great job reaching outside the "box of usual" very pretty bracelets... :)


  4. Such a beautiful post, your home looks so cosy and romantic, Oh and such beautiful bracelets too.
    Do you know... you have helped me see February in a new and more positive light , thank you sweetie x
    love jooles xxx


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