Thursday, February 21, 2013

~Random Happy~

 Can you believe it's already been a full week since Valentine's Day? Insane how fast time is flying by. The husband was nearly late in the bill-paying as he forgot we're not in January anymore!

I have a bit of random happy things to share. Hoping the cheer will spread. :)

First off, here are the fun little Valentines I water colored in honor of the day . . . all sent and received by the family members they were created for, and now I can share them with you! So much fun!

And wrapping them carefully to send is also enjoyment in plenty!

I also had a request for this scone recipe which you can find HERE-
created by the amazing Susan Branch.
These scones are THE best, hands down. Simple and delicious!  Scones are their own kind of wonderful happy.

More happy below.
She's on the shelf peeking out in the corner. She's a bit shy.

Isn't she lovely? Do you recognize her? NO? Allow her freckles, red hair and 'worn' carpet bag to jog some recognition.

Why it's Anne of course! Anne spelled with an 'e'. 
Anne of Green Gables and made by Madame Alexander.
Believe it or not, this sweet gal has been packed away for the last thirteen+ years, waiting her turn in the spotlight. She was given to me right before we moved to our current city while I was still prego with the Oldest. She had been stashed away with my other Madame Alexander dolls in the Christmas boxes and after finally giving those boxes a thorough going-over last month, she was just rediscovered. It's like Christmas twice. :) 
Oh, to have a cute little apron made up in that fabric! With the ric-rac mind you. 

Well, upwards and onwards . . . it's grocery day and I need to get at it. Hope your day finds all sorts of happy in it! :)



  1. Oh, Jennie! The watercolors you did are wonderful! I am in awe. And the Anne doll! I don't remember EVER seeing her before. What a very happy surprise that was! Have a lovely day, honey.

    P.S. The cream scones are just mean. :(

  2. Très joli dessins ! J'adore ! Mmmmmm............des gâteaux !

    Vous avais un SUPER. Blog et je sus votre nouveau membre!! Et j'espère que mon blog vous allez aimer aussi !!!

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx


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