Tuesday, January 15, 2013

~Bits of Winter~

We are in full-blown winter around here . . .

So very cold, but the only snow seems to be coming from my imagination!

Kitties are curled up on quilts for twenty hours a day . . . preferably in my coziest chair.

And in the very few moments they are not about the business of sleeping, they are out to take care of business as quick as a flash and within moments are yowling at the door, "Let me in- it's freezing out here!"

 If they (and us) are extra lucky there is a fire blazing and a vacant rocking chair nearby to lounge in.

 Earlier last week we said good-bye to the remains of Christmas and did our annual tree-burning in the fireplace.

 Topped off with a family game of 'Trouble', it was a fine evening. But how vacant it feels without all the extra trimmings around.

Still, there are bits about to warm the winter days . . .

be it a spot of decorating. . .

or finding inspiration from something unexpected.

There have also been lots of steaming mugs of tea to keep our hands warm.

 I've been especially enjoying my fabulous new bird mug- a birthday present from my mother. Isn't it cute? Just the thing for these chilly days.

Tea and a muffin . . . possibly the very best part of winter.

 And as for the least enjoyable part? Probably this rotten cold I'm fighting. Good thing I have black elderberry extract to add to all that tea. It keeps the worse at bay!

May these January days find you and your household healthy and enjoying all the bits of winter (or summer if applicable!) that come your way.



  1. everything about your house is just so cozy and sweet. i love how you decorate! praying for you to feel better soon. :)

  2. What a homey post...sorry you're sick...love the tea cup! Love the silhouette! A Happy and very blessed New Year, Jenniffer. May the Lord bring you ever closer to His side, revealing Himself to you each day.

  3. I hope you are feeling much better now x
    cute cup and yum to the muffins!
    Wishing you a happy and cosy weekend
    love jooles xxx

  4. Everything in your home is so cozy and inviting! I'd like to spend an afternoon by that fire with teacup in hand :)


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