Monday, January 21, 2013

~Wintry Sunday~

We went out into the frosty cold, wintry world. The four of us.
On a Sunday afternoon.

There was blue sky and thick frost all mingled together.

The Oldest thought licking ice-covered leaves was good entertainment.

 The Youngest just wanted to run free ahead.

And I wanted to capture the wintry world around us all.

And I paid the price with freezing fingers. 

Home again, and how sweet it is after bone-chilling cold! 
Nothing fits the bill for belly warming like hot, homemade bread, salad and . . .

made-from-scratch tomato soup steaming in a bowl; melting down the cheese; melting away the cold.

The evening was right for a treasured family tradition:
Snowflake Making.

The Oldest helps cut the white squares. I create the awards. The funnest part is picking the categories.

We all take part. Scissors snip. Bits of white fall to the floor. As they are unfolded exclamations are made . . . some good, some not so good.

 And then the windows are adorned with white. And every flake is indeed different. 

We pay tribute to our handy work.

And next morning, as the sun streams in . . .

we have unmeltable reminders of our wintry Sunday.



  1. one of my favorite posts EVER. love everything about it!! (ps- i want the recipe for your tomato soup - looks amazing!)

  2. beautiful and what a fabulous tradition, i may have to 'borrow' it :o)
    yum yum yum!
    love jooles xxx

  3. I love all the frosty pics! So beautiful!


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