Thursday, January 10, 2013

~Fuzzy Wuzzy~

And to continue on the 'bear' theme from the last post . . .

I am very pleased to share with you a twenty second peek into the mind of a thirteen year old boy- my thirteen year old boy. Scared?
Don't worry- this clip has been deemed 'appropriate' for all ages. ;) 

This entire blurb was done by hand by my kiddo last night for fun. 
I wanted him to share a bit about himself here- do a mini 'guest post' but he declined. I guess I'm lucky he let me share this on my blog at all! So I'll be a nice mom and not say anything super embarrassing (if I can help it) and maybe he'll share some more someday. . .

But really, I'm pretty amazed at what he can do in a couple hours of  free time. 
He has learned so much from his M.I.A. (Movie Image Arts) class in one semester that it has really blown my mind. He knows how to make and edit videos, add sounds/effects, etc. . . he even knew how to upload this snippet to my blog for me! For someone as un-tech savvy as myself, I'm quite impressed!

I'm very proud to say this is his drawing, his idea and his sense of humor . . . Enjoy!
(I admit he got his sense of humor from me)



  1. Fabulous! He should keep going with more :)

  2. FANTASTIC! you have a genius there.
    happy new week
    love jooles x


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