Friday, February 3, 2012

~A Weekend of Winter Whites~

~May your weekend be full of serenity and peace~



  1. Hi Jennifer, you asked about the goat's milk soap and also the cost of making your own soap. I think the initial batch is a bit more money because you have to get all the ingredients, but from what I understand after that it is less expensive making your own cold process soap thank buying. The milk goat powder makes the soap feel more emollient and smoother on your skin. The soap feels gentle - it's hard to explain. Apparently cold process soap with goat's milk in it is really nice to shave legs with. I guess I will see in 8 weeks once it is cured. Handmade soap here in Calgary is usually at least $4 to $5 a bar...I know mine is much much less than that to make. I know exactly what is in my soap: Palm kernel oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and pomace olive oil. For color I used natural clay and for scent I used real essential oils. There is also lye and water of course. Commercials bars of soap have so much weird stuff in them are typically are not always real soap (hence why they are called beauty bars etc.).

  2. i was just reading a magazine before i hopped online for a bit, and there was a great quote that i tore out of it. that little quote i your last photo reminded me of it:
    "In a way, winter is the real spring, the time when the inner things happen, the resurgence of nature." Edna O'Brien (Irish novelist)
    isn't that good?!


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