Monday, February 6, 2012

~A Weekend Winter Walk~

Saturday was incredibly sunny and mild.
And fortunately the Saturday morning cartoons were re-runs, 
so it wasn't hard to convince anyone that a winter walk was in order.
So we packed up and headed to a local trail.

We wound our way through some woods and came out into the sun.

And across a field:
a cozy home in among the trees

The silhouette of the trees only made the sky bluer. . .

. . . and the creek was rushing swiftly.
How nice to not be in a hurry.

A local was enjoying a mid-morning snack.

He came over to welcome us.

He was polite, but I believe he thought us rude for coming around without anything to contribute other than pats of affection.
 Sometimes lovin' just ain't enough.

On our way back, the Oldest needed some adventure.

 I call solitude a rewarding adventure indeed

We finished our winter walk Laughing and Alive.


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