Monday, January 16, 2012

~ The Home Fire Keeps on Burning ~

The above best describes today.
Tired, grumpy, emotional, just-let-me-crawl-in-a-hole-and-let-me-alone.
And not just for me- the boys were right there, too.

However, there were bits of sunshine . . .

. . . mixed with a flurry of snow showers.
Life just outside our home very much reflected the life going on inside.

But we marched on . . . on beyond the stressful school project, the broken gun during the airsoft war, the wet that kept us inside and the boring errand that drug us outside.

We marched on pass the arguments, the chores that needed to be done, the emotional strain of missing one we love, and the anxieties of what is to come.

We marched past the tears, the frustrations with school mates, the disappointments life brings, and a hundred things that need doing . . . that no one can manage to do right now.

We marched right through the day until we could come to this . . .

 . . . a cheery fire to warm us . . .

. . . a candle lit . . .

. . . a good book and green ginger tea . . .

 . . . toasty, furry company . . .

. . . dinner that is poured directly from a can and a fresh baguette with butter . . .

 . . . a different spot to share our meal, fill our bellies, and breathe.

We three are here, and we have had our daily bread. The evening has settled in, and while the dishes just keep procreating, there's a fire burning just for us.



  1. Thank you so much for visiting. I know how hard moving apart is....I was there many years ago. But I can tell you that you learn how to live again and how to be happy in your own way, a different way. And I can also say that life becomes good again. The memories are always there, forever, but eventually the nastiness recedes into a distant past and normality sets in, regular life that comes with the passing of time.

  2. Beautiful!
    I know things have been rough, but what a blessing these cozy times are.
    I see your pictures and the words "shelter from the storm" came to mind.
    Your home truly is a shelter.
    A place where you can all come together and rest, and refresh from the world.


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