Tuesday, January 17, 2012

~ Another Day of Dying ~

What do you do when it's just been a really bad day?

Well, to be honest, complaining about the injustice of life and some big, fat tears have topped the answer to that question for me today. But they haven't helped much.

So then I found I needed to create a different type of question: 
What am I grateful for at this moment in time?
What was good about the day?
Where did I see God in it?

Just a quick reflection on the day, and things feel more peaceful.
More merciful. More God-filled even in the mess.

As I was saying 'good night' to the Oldest, I was reminded that we are called upon to live life wherever God has put us. To really LIVE in the mess, the injustice, the fear. And sometimes living means death comes first- letting our old ways and our old lives perish; deliberately letting go and allowing that death to take place. Then the Life can start to grow- and thrive. 
I'm counting on living that life to be worth the price of the dying. And I'm counting on God to help me pass on.



  1. Wishing you a day of joy and for those clouds to lift.

  2. Your words are so true.
    So right.
    Sometimes, I am on my knees,crying out to God, asking Him why He keeps taking me apart bit by bit.
    Why do I look in the mirror and not even know who I am anymore?
    His gentle answer is simply that to make me from a rock into a diamond HE has to apply pressure, and chip of the ugly sinful human-ness, so as to reveal the shiny beautiful person He knows is there....
    You are going to stand so tall and beautiful, Jennifer!
    He has plans for you:)


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