Thursday, October 6, 2011

All the Autumn's Joys ~ Joy in the Moment ~

Day Three of this head cold.
When I set out to intentionally find and document all the signs, joys and traditions of Autumn, this is not exactly what I had in mind. I am grateful to say this is NOT a family tradition, though it does qualify as a sign of the season I suppose. 

I spent yesterday pretty much unconscious of life around me, but I am better today and am trying to be grateful for the moments instead of complaining- which is something I am trying to grow in- gratitude I mean, not complaining (I'm already an expert in the realm of complaints).
 So . . . the Joys of today . . . 

. . . a surprise bouquet of 'get well' flowers from Husband ( more like 'shock' than surprise- as in 'who are you and where is my Husband?!' )

. . .  an orange-spiced candle cheering the gloomy afternoon (wish I could smell it!)

. . . tea prepared and served by the younger (with little bits of floating leaves still in it- precious!)

. . . cozy on the couch reading The Hobbit together 

. . . nowhere I have to be; nothing I have to miss

. . . sweet, encouraging comments and emails

. . . lots of cross stitch time

. . . children who can take care of themselves (and me as well!)

. . . cats who love me enough to bring get-well gifts delivered right to the front door (if only they weren't covered in feathers and known to once be bird-shaped!)

. . . cats who then proceed to sleep the day away to recover from all their effort - purring every so often to remind one how wonderful they are!

. . . rain (watering the garden and making the ground soft for transplanting)

. . . sun (to spotlight the beauty of Autumn right from the kitchen window)



  1. Hope the head cold clears up for you soon. Mine was kicking in full gear today ... Hot showers, warm wash clothes, and sleep. That is my remedy :)

  2. so sorry you've been sick :( . i will be praying for you today! i'm glad you've had some sweet surprises to help you feel a little better. those flowers are beautiful! and wow- that tree is so gorgeous. (that's God's gift to you! :) )


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