Monday, October 10, 2011

All the Autumn's Joys ~ Bit by Bit ~

Slowly I am emerging from the thick haze of a week of illness.
Many thanks for the kind words and prayers that have been shared. It does help! :)

 Bit by bit I am up when I can be: shower; rest; teach; rest; read; rest; walk upstairs; rest- you get the picture.
My back and hips are killing me from too much time on our couch and then by trying to move around like the living, I start to huff and puff like I'm climbing Everest. But that will end, too. Right?

Husband- the man who even last Friday was bragging about his superior system- has now gone from "fighting it" to admitting he "has it". Pride goes before the fall, eh babe? ;) Actually, I truly pity him as he has to fly out to Phoenix for work on Thursday morning. That man's 'superior system' really needs to kick in!

The kids however are fine. Not more than 48 hours and they are full speed ahead. 
I guess we're just old(er).

On a positive note, I've gotten more done on my four-year-running cross stitch project this past week than in all the years prior. I have missed not one, but two dentist appointments! And I don't remember when I last cooked dinner- which could also be a bad thing, but I'll think of it as a mini vacation instead. And I am getting really up to date with the Little House on the Prairie t.v. show- which I never watched as a kid, but I seem to be getting a kick out of it now- maybe it's the virus.

A happy and healthy Monday to everyone~


  1. Oh I hope you are on the mend! Sleep is the best medicine and was the best thing that helped my sinus/fall cold thing. Wish I could make you a hot cup of tea :) Warm Wishes.

  2. The wreath is GORGEOUS.

    I am praying for your healing and that you are FREE from pain.

  3. Just finally catching up. I loved Little House on the Prairie as a kid. I wonder what it is like to watch it now. I am happy that you are now feeling better and that you got some work done on your cross stitch.


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