Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All the Autumn's Joys ~ Cozy on the Couch ~

I've spent  a lot of time cozy on the couch today.
The company was nice and so were the tea and scones. Cups and cups of tea, in fact.
And I even got out of a dentist appointment today- all due to having a bad cold.
What sweet gifts my children bring to me.
Oldest was sick too, and I let him sleep as long as he needed. However, he got himself off to school while I was gone (dropping off younger), so I never got the chance to demand he stay home. He was quite miserable by the time he finally trudged home after a long day of sneezing, stuffiness and sinus trouble.

What I'm most grateful for in it all is that at least it hasn't been a full-on-sleep-all-day kind of bug. I had enough brain power at least to work on my cross stitch project (four years running) and get some blog reading in. 
Then Husband brought wine after work to cut the crud in my throat (really- it works!) and took care of dinner. And now, after some pathetic sniffles and down turned lip, we are both off to watch You've Got Mail.
Really- not a bad day when I think about it. ;)

Sometimes even a cold can have it's place.


  1. What a cozy picture with tea, cat and cozy blanket!
    (whats your kitties name?)
    I am glad you had down time to heal:)
    I have heard of warm spiced wine to help with "crud" before, I have not tried it yet though.
    What I have found that really helps with a cold and even some queasiness is Chai Tea.
    I make my own Chai Powder and make it extra "spicy" and it kicks a cold in the butt!
    But, any Chai tea helps!
    You and your sweet Family feel better soon!

  2. I can see why you like that cowboy cross stitch so much. It is a beautiful design! Especially the horses. Glad to know your day wasn't all horrible. I hope sick son is at home today!

  3. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I really enjoy your blog and it's focus on all the delights and enjoyment of each season.

    Hope you are better.


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