Thursday, September 1, 2011

~September Welcome~

A new month is here, and with it a new season: not only is autumn around the corner, but here in our corner the back to school preparations are in full swing. This will be our first year that I am not homeschooling both of our kiddos. With one now starting middle school, we not only say good-bye to summer, but also to a very long season of two boys learning at home. I have spent the last couple of days riding the roller coaster of emotion as we prepare our son for his new school. 

School supplies . . .check.
School fees paid (and boy are there a lot!) . . .check.
His own keys to the house (!) . . .check.
His own cell phone (what are we doing?) . . .check.

The cell phone thing is not something I'm super thrilled about, but I admit it was my idea. He'll be walking to school and twice a week I will be on the other side of town while he's doing this. The phone is really more for my peace of mind then anything. I know that I can get a hold of him, and if anything happens he can call for help. He has some very strict rules about using it, too. Of course, now all younger brother can talk about is when  he's in sixth grade, he gets one too. Great- just what we need.

There is so much more I want to share- but honestly, I woke up feeling pretty icky today and I just seem to be feeling worse as the day goes on. I'm really hoping it's only allergies.

Can hardly wait for tomorrow though~ Husband is taking the boys to a camp/retreat center for the entire long weekend!!! This is the very first time I will have the house to myself EVER! I am giddy with joy. I just hope I am HEALTHY to enjoy it.

Just had to share one more thing: found this 'comic' younger son made as a third grader last year. It just cracks me up every time I look at it.

Alright, off to pop ibuprofen. Happy September first!~


  1. Great new header. Did you take this photo? Where were the blackberries? Mine are ripening as I type. I wish I liked them!

    Darling, darling post. I hope your all-to-yourself weekend is blessed with all God's goodness. Asher's picture is getting printed out and put on this Nana's fridge!

  2. I love the Seotember poem you shared and your new header is beautiful. I amending my boy off to Kindergarten tomorrow. I am excited for him but also nervous. Wishing you the best as you approach this new phase in life.


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