Tuesday, August 30, 2011

~Ending of August Hours~

Full day ahead: Curriculum planning for younger child and middle school schedule pick up and orientation for older child (gulp!) My mind is divided between summer days and back to school, and while the calendar says September is nearly hear, my mind is in denial- we can't possibly be that close! Didn't summer begin a week ago or so? Surely we have time for a bit of puttering about! And our living area needs a good going over- all that planning can wait awhile . . . 

So the work apron is tied on, and a bit of puttering occurs . . . -sorry curriculum, I can't hear you over the roar of the vacuum! School supplies, open houses, a.s.b. and p.t.s.a. fees- not yet, it's still summer! Or at least the house says summer can linger on . . .

I sit awhile, breathe in these last few moments . . . the light is pale and quiet; calm. May that calm remain as we wave good bye to summer and welcome in all that is to come . . .


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  1. Well Summer looks lovely on your home. Enjoy every last moment of it. Also, I think that apron is perfection!


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