Sunday, August 28, 2011

Seattle Summertime~ Part Two

A continuation of our family's vacation adventures~

Monday~ Downtown

The following morning after our evening at Matthew's Beach, we headed down to Seattle's waterfront to meet some friends coming over from the ferry.

After all the hugs and hellos, our two families went exploring.
We started with 'Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe'- a favorite of mine from when I was a youngster. And there was certainly plenty there to keep us curious!

There are all sorts of oddities, but the kids really loved all the wacky 'games' that took a quarter to work. Like a fortune-telling cowboy. And a creepy drunken sailor.

Oldest son was especially enthusiastic over the 'love meter'- you can see his excitement over the rating of 'wild'!!!

After exploring the Pier, we headed up the never-ending stairs to take in Pike Place Market . . .

Happy, happy flowers!

And a rather jolly light fixture, too!

And here is a certain happy family in front of the 'gum wall'- but can you guess why they are so happy?
(hint: it has to do with our next stop!)

Yes- the required pilgrimage to the very first Starbucks was quite necessary by this time. Though I admit this was not our first time to visit. We were more 'guides' to navigate our friends to the coffee mecca. It was tough, but we suffered through some iced coffees for their sake! And we had some entertainment too-

Do you see this guy? After this, I say no one has musical talent unless they can play the guitar and harmonica while simultaneously spinning and balancing another guitar from their chin all while hoola-hooping with- not one, but two hoola-hoops! He did some singing, too.

We had lunch, did some walking/shopping and ended the afternoon with ice cream on the pier. Then hugs all around once again, and we saw our friends off at the ferry terminal.

It was late afternoon and pretty hot by this point so we stopped by the Seattle Center for some cooling off.

Whoops! Keep those shorts up, son!

We played, we dried off, and we went to dinner- where I had the most delicious 'adult' iced tea with fresh raspberries and mint. I only wish I could remember what it was called, it was the perfect 

It was a nice way to end our day, and a nice day in general- I think younger agrees!

It's been so fun getting to share bits of our trip- thank you for coming along! :)
Now to start preparing for the next adventure~ back to school!

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  1. The fountain is different from when I was a kid. Is it different from when you were a kid?


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