Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~Labour-less Weekend~

Husband and sons are back from their weekend away. 
Amazing how loud it seems after all the quiet of just two fur babies and myself. . . so blissfully quiet! But I admit by Sunday night I was missing them quite a bit.

It was a slow puttering sort of weekend just dabbling in all sorts of self-approved activities . . .
like getting the stove top cleaned up and the kitchen mopped (and having it STAY clean!). 
Okay, there was a large amount of leisure, too- lots of reading, napping, football watching and wine drinking; a few walks coupled with antiquing and a spot of decorating.

There was gardening, and movie watching, and much snuggling of these. . .

Sunday morning was especially pleasurable. Just me, a good book, freshly baked scones (ok- Trader Joe's had a hand in the pre-baking part) and tea in my 'autumn glory' teapot. 

The teapot was given to me back in May as a Mother's Day pressie from Husband (Note: I picked it out. Husband paid for it, handed it to me, and congratulated me on motherhood). I had been saving it for autumn, but Labor-Day-weekend-all-alone seemed the perfect moment to pull it out. It was especially nice to not have to see the eye rolling from Husband- he thinks that dishes that can't go in the dishwasher are a waste of space and washing time. I completely disagree- old tea things are beautiful, and as much as I enjoy seeing them, actually using them thrills me. It turns the common into an occasion- and I believe each day is an occasion in itself!

Aside from my own personal tea party, my favorite part of the entire three days was simply time. Time to really look and see all that is around me every day. Time to work on something without interruption (a revolutionary idea!) And time to take inspiration and run with it! I got out the long-neglected watercolors and played.

The hours simply flew by!

After awhile, this little guy came out to play with me.
His name is Digby.
He's a country squirrel- a bit backwoods to be honest- but he's sweet-natured despite his simplicity. He dreams of traveling to the city one day- to take in the bright lights and see the trees made of metal and the streets made famous for the bounty of their back alleys. "A fellow can find all he needs and more in the city"- or so he's heard. What a wonderful adventure it would be! If only he knew the way . . .

I have plans for Digby, but for now they are on hold. School starts tomorrow and my mornings will be full of teaching once more. Always lots to do! But no complaints; I'm glad life is so full!


  1. Love Digby! Glad you had a lovely weekend. I think you're pretty great company and I hope you discovered that you're pretty great company too!

  2. That breakfast tea and scones is drool worthy. There is even a wisp of steam coming from the teacup in the first shot! And Digby is indeed great, and full of character. That is quite and accomplishment. I am just delighted that your weekend to yourself was so lovely.


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