Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Out to the Coast ~Part One~

Things are a bit overcast here in our little realm- and not just outside, though that is certainly also true. We are having difficulties with our new toilet that have us at the mercy of a plumber at this point, as well as an uncomfortable situation between a friend and I, topped off with the lethargy from moody 'blah' kids and the irritation of a husband in his lost fight with our plumbing.

~But this too shall pass.~

What I really want to share, is the bright spot in our clouds of late: our day out to the coast. I have to say, it is most likely a day none of us will forget, because it ended up being about as perfect as a day can be. Or, at least I like to think it was.

I think what really made it special is twofold- one thing being a get-away in the middle of distress can be an instant mood lifter and the other is that we haven't been out to the ocean since we last camped out there three years ago. Lucky for us, it ended up being warm and sunny-not just here, inland, but out there too. The Oregon coast is really hit or miss when it comes the weather, and we certainly hit it well.
Of course, we were not the only ones heading to the coast on such a spectacular day. It probably took us twice the usual time to get there just due to the slow procession of cars along the highway. But all was fairly peaceful due to the D.S. to occupy the younger and a good book to occupy the older (I don't even know how he manages to read in a moving car!) I was well occupied with eating Swedish fish and chattering away to a Husband behind the wheel with no way to escape my ceaseless orations! Bliss! -at least on my end. ;)

We started our little trip with a quick visit to our favorite little beach town, Manzanita. Manzanita has a darling little main street (don't think it's actually called Main Street, but you know what I'm getting at) full of cute little shops and cafes. It's not far from the beach at all, and is surrounded by cozy little cottages (some of which we saw several times as Husband drove 'round and 'round looking for a parking place) and a very cute park.
Our first stop was our favorite little place for ice cream. They are very generous with their scoops which earns big points in this family.

Here I am with the boys.- no, I didn't get two cones! I'm just holding husband's so he can take the picture; if I have to do a little 'melting maintenance' to keep things from getting too sticky, that's just part of me helping, right? ;)

So after our ice cream, we took a walk up the street to purchase a bucket for building castles with.

Here is the front garden of the cottage connected to this shop~ isn't it sweet and cozy?

So after a minor purchase, I continued on to do a little more shopping while the males headed over to the park. Didn't end up finding anything I was after, but I did snap a couple shots of some cute details that I love about this town.

These guys are on every garbage can on the street . . .
. . . and this bench just doesn't let you forget you're near the ocean, does it?
While I was on my way to the park to meet my family, I walked past this fantastic bungalow. Isn't it welcoming? I absolutely love the entry with the clematis crowning it. Lovely, lovely, lovely. It's so great to have a camera on hand, and no Husband around to give you the crazy-lady-taking-pictures-of-stranger's-homes look.

To end today's post, I'll just share my moment of humiliation once I found my family at the park. There happened to be a volleyball game going on there, and some of the shirtless guys playing happened to be rather well-sculpted if you get my meaning. So all in fun, I gave Husband my little teasing smile knowing he would get exactly what I meant- as a joke between us, mind you. Unfortunately, older son also understood that smile, and decides to point to these guys and yell at the top of his lungs, "MY MOM THINKS THOSE GUYS ARE HOT!" Oh, yes- I was mortified. I don't think I've ever run to a car faster in my life. And yes, they were looking at me. And yes, they were probably at least ten years younger than me. And yes, Husband thought that was just about the funniest thing ever. And lucky for older son, I couldn't reach him in the backseat to wring his neck. But that's okay. I'll just save it. It all just gives me more reason for torturing him when he's old enough to have a girlfriend. And believe me, I will. ;)

So much more to share tomorrow!

~to be continued~

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  1. Thank you for taking pictures of and sharing the lovely cottage gardens. I love the first garden gate. Perfectly proportioned with the slight arch to the top of the gate.
    So sorry to hear about the toilet and friend woes. May you weather these small storms with grace.

    You deserve the teasing by older son. Tsk tsk for ogling the young studs! You are to do as I say, not as I DO.


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