Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Out to the Coast ~Part Two~ Beach!

After our little visit to Manzanita, we drove north a ways to Hug Point for some beach time.

It was a short hike down to the beach from the road. I'll admit my first thought as we walked down was of the impending walk back up the hill after our fun in the sun- steep hills and I don't get along. But no more thoughts like that to impede the day- Ocean, here we come!

Oh, yes! That's more like it!

And this too! It was amazing how gorgeous the day was. Sunny and warm, which just never happens for us. Such a rare treat! I had brought a sweater with me and didn't even need it. This little spot was a perfect break from the constant wind and an ideal place for exploration. There are caves in those rocks!
Inside . . .And outside . . .
So after sunscreen,

. . . we went exploring!
We found waterfalls. . .and chased the gulls.Then, on to the ocean!
Dad gives a skim board lesson . . .
. . . which would have probably gone better, if he actually knew how to skim board! ;)
So when the attempt at skim boarding lost it's appeal, (and after Husband landed flat on his face!) our whole party moved inland for some digging and castle making. Oh, and napping!

While family played, I enjoyed the opportunity to have my own time. I read, I water colored, I listened.
I relished every moment of this afternoon: the gentle wind, the sound of people making merry all around us, the sparkle on rocks and surf from the sun, content and concentrated kids (a hole to China requires lots of focus!), and that clean, far-off horizon that stayed so blue. After awhile, you simply feel free and unfettered. Really, what more is there then seeing and breathing and daring to be alive in this world? This living is beautiful, and defies description. I believe this is how we were meant to live from the beginning, and it is my longing to live each day just like that. Ah, but I digress . . .
Husband and I took a nice walk together, alone down the beach. Climbed a rock and narrowly avoided being stranded from the incoming tide. Found some drift wood.
We came back to this . . .
An Older Brother's dream! Notice how gentle he is as he pats the sand higher and higher; hoping that maybe little brother will be buried for good! Poor kid; all his long, hard work to cajole his brother to the hole for burial was ended with one quick burst from the sand and he was free. It was a good try though.

And by now we were pretty hungry. Time to head out.
Rinse off and pack it all away!
Facing that uphill climb to the car, we said our goodbyes to the beach.
Onward to our last stop on the coast; Astoria, Oregon~


  1. Oh your trip looks wonderful!!! Those beach pictures make me crave the ocean right now.

  2. You know what I thought when I saw "Chasing the gulls"? That's right - soon it will be "Chasing the girls!"

    What a high note to the summer this day was. A gift complete with waterfalls and caves!


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