Friday, July 22, 2011

Tea for Two~

The other day I had the privilege of hosting a little tea party in honor of a sweet friend's birthday. It was very little, as it was just her and I. Of course, I enjoy putting together larger teas too, but this was a very nice way to while away the afternoon- just the two of us.

Nothing more fun than setting a table, wouldn't you say? Pretty dishes, flowers (complete with dried on mud that I simply could not remove- it's all the rain we've had lately), vintage tea things . . . I love to set a mood!~

On our menu was Deviled Egg Salad Sandwiches . . . (must have some protein!)

Heart and star-shaped scones from the wonderful Susan Branch's Autumn book. These are hands down the easiest and most delicious and funnest- yes, funnest!- scones to make. I use whole wheat flour to make them good for you! ;) We needed that to offset the lemon curd.

And for desert (because all that other stuff is so healthy) I made some chocolate shortbread. Oh heaven on earth! This is so fabulous with tea (or coffee or milk or juice or water or . . .)

And just as our time was ending, the younger gave an impromptu performance on his violin- a birthday serenade.

Enjoy your weekend- may it be filled with (not-too-hot) sunshine~ It looks like ours finally will be! It's off to the beach tomorrow!

~ Cheers!


  1. I want chocolate shortbread!

    This a beautiful post, Jennie. More please!

  2. This tablecloth is so beautiful. I love the embroidery. Where did you find it?


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