Thursday, January 2, 2014

~Hobbling Forward~

The sun burned away the fog and came out to say hello this morning. 

I had just returned from letting my chiropractor put both my hips back in place and it was beautiful and just what I needed. The sun I mean. Well, actually while not necessarily beautiful, I really needed my hips back in place as well. Especially for the sake of my knees which have been swollen and incredibly painful thanks to my hips' discontentment with their God-intended placement. I am now sore all over from my adjustment, but grateful to know I am I as I should be . . . for the time being. I have seen dear Todd (my chiropractor) so often over the last month that if my husband wasn't the one driving me there all the time, he may think there was something else going on. ;)

But seriously, the sun really has been wonderful and I even manged to take a couple decent photos because of it. The little white pitcher full of vintage silver is in my dining room and the door knob happens to be the one on my Oldest son's door. I adore our knobs- original to the house- and this one is the only one that gets any sunlight. It kind of sparkled at me when I was hobbling down the hall and I knew it needed it's picture taken.

As for the rest of the day, I have been enjoying peaceful winter pursuits . . . some reading, lots of hot coffee drinking and some thank you note writing. My boys have been off at their Nana's for days and things have been deliciously quiet around here lately. And a little lonely. Sometimes, a lot lonely.

That's why I was so touched and overjoyed to receive such kind comments on my last post after such a long spell of silence on my part. They literally took away my loneliness and made my heart soar- no exageration. Isn't it amazing how even just one comment can make you feel connected and human again in the best sense of the word? At least I think so. I did not have any expectations, just started blogging again more out of a desire to feel like myself during this illness-induced hermitage than anything else. It reminded me again of why I even started blogging in the first place . . . just to connect to other people; maybe even make some friends.

So, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and say hi . . . it's those little bits of ourselves that we give back that keep us all moving- or, in my case, hobbling- forward. 



  1. Wasn't that painful? I cannot imagine having this procedure myself! Take it easy!

  2. Nice to see another post so soon; I hope you continue, and yes it is amazing the connections youmake blogging. That's not why I started, but it's certainly happened fast! I'm interested in your own blog name, sincei'm just intrigued by the seasons. Look forward to staying in touch.

  3. Happy New Year, Jen!!! Hope those bones and lined up and happy soon.


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