Tuesday, January 29, 2013

~Pieces of the Afternoon~

 Today has been one of those dark-cloudy-rainy-mixed-with-slush-and-wind-days. Damp and yuck to put it mildly.

That being so, I'm loving bright spots of color wherever I can get it!
Enter my wonderful little red-flowered plant for $2.49 from Trader Joe's. 
I have no idea what it's called (other than little red-flowered plant), but it's making me very happy. :)

After a morning of teaching I got the bread-to-be in the bread machine for dinner, took care of some urgent emails/phone calls and picked up a wee bit in the basement. 

Upstairs I found the Youngest settled under the quilt with a good page-turner. Seeing him cozying-in for the afternoon lead me into a little relaxing time for myself:

Some winter puzzling . . . 

and some afternoon tea.

Oh! and a few heart-shaped cookies may have added to the afternoon's enjoyment as well.

I turned on some Frank and while he crooned I enjoyed a good hour of winter leisure.

Earl grey; a bite of cookie; another piece interlocked into the growing mosiac.
Yes . . . it's the simple things. :)

I finally have my own copy of Brambly Hedge's 'Winter Story' by Jill Barklem. One of my all time favorites. I've always had to check it out from the library year after year and it's so nice to just have it around for cozy perusing. Kind of funny that I had the matching teacup before I even owned the book!

It was a pleasant afternoon for sure, but don't think it was all roses.

Real life came back in full swing with a bad cat peeing where he shouldn't, school application messes to fix, a pointless school info. meeting to suck the life from me, and 'mount ironing' beckoning.

All to say, the afternoon playtime was all the more appreciated. :)

I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday so far and that bits of afternoon leisure await you as the week plays out.



  1. Well I am so happy you got some me time in. It is so important with these winter months.


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