Friday, May 25, 2012

~Mid Spring Garden~

Happy Friday to all, and to all here in the U.S.- a happy long weekend!
Yes, another Memorial Day weekend is upon us- can you believe it?
 Last year our family walked over to the old graveyard that isn't too far from our house . . . hoping to get there this year as well, and tote the camera along. It is a really beautiful old place.

 I am grateful that the rain is suppose to retreat from my corner of the world . . . there is gardening to be done!

These pictures are from last week . . . when the sun was shining.

 My annuals are growing happily and just starting to get to the 'spilling over' stage.
I love it when they start peering over the edge and decide to take the plunge downward.

 Old fashioned flowers trailing from window boxes . . . it sets my heart to fluttering!

Another 'trailer',or should I say 'climber'- my delicate pink 'Cecil Brunner' rose.
She's making romance out of the ugly chain link fence and gate.

 If you look carefully you can see the one lone iris standing dutifully in this part of the garden.
I'm glad he has the trumpet vine for company (oh, and lots of weeds, too).

 The front view of my oldest clematis. I never got around to clipping him back last fall.
He doesn't seem to have minded the neglect.

In fact, he has NEVER had this many flowers before.
Just look at what he is hiding on the other side!
I'm nearly offended at such a display of excess.

This little corner is one of my favorite places in the garden . . . a quiet place to slip away and just 'be'.
My showy clematis is directly in front and to the side, the lilacs are nearly smothering my weathered bench.
Lots of weeds here, too, but I do my best to ignore them.

 It's iris season.

 The garden is dotted with them.
These dainties are of the dwarf variety.

 Isn't the detail on them amazing?
God goes all out in everything He puts His hand to.

 The garden fairy is making a wish . . .

 she's wishing that what has been weeded and mulched will STAY that way!

Have a really lovely weekend~



  1. Beautiful Garden my friend.....
    Let me see those "Green Thumbs" of yours...hold them up high...LOL


  2. your garden is really beautiful!!!

  3. Sigh! I am in love with your garden...mine is a disaster! I barely have time to do anything. I actually do badly need to get someone to come and do some of the work because I am working so much right now. Certainly not that warm here yet so my garden is just barely starting.

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    I enjoyed seeing photo's of your garden. It looks really pretty with those colourful clematis & irises. I like your rose Cecile Bruner too. It has a beautiful shade of pink.

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  5. hello lovely :o)
    what a stunning clematis...truely beautiful and those iries are so pretty.
    what a wonderful place to sit and gather your thoughts amongst all those pretty flowers and, of course fairies ;o)
    love jooles x

  6. Happy Memorial Day. My clematis was stunning this year as well truly better then ever. I thought it might not make it last year. Perhaps the mild winter served it well.


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