Monday, February 20, 2012

~Walk in the Woods~

Yesterday afternoon ended up remaining dry, which was rather a surprise, but certainly a boon. Younger and I struck out to find a new hiking area (new for us)- and we found one, complete with a gushing river and moss-covered trees. It was so, so quiet there- even with the kiddo's non-stop chattering as we went.
It was a lonely sort of place, and a lonely sort of quiet. At least if felt so to me. Loneliness and I are becoming quite familiar with each other so I'm going to go ahead and say it was so.
And so cold.

But the fresh air and exercise were very nice- and so were the french fries we found our way to afterwards.
And of course, after cold, fresh air and several miles all you want to do is curl up with hot coffee and a good book, and maybe fall asleep for a wee bit. I may, or may not have done all those things.

The Older came home from Winter Camp- in one piece, but with a black eye. I suppose a black eye is pretty good considering all the crazy things those kids do- there is a reason parents don't come. I don't want to know. He also came back with lots of laundry and an attitude. Again- why do I let him go do these things? I suppose it's a 'right of passage' for him, and maybe even for me. As in, we are now passing from all the sweetness of childhood into the turmoil of the teens years. Can I waive my right here please?



  1. Where do you live? Your moss and brush and trees look like mine do.

    As for the almost teen years.....mmmmm, you gotta take the bull by the horns. I know that is not much help. All I know is to be diligent at all is such a hard passage for kids to go through unscathed.

    I think you and are can be lonely together..LOL

    1. I was wondering where you live as well? We still have snow, not much, but still snow.


  2. looks incredible, what a fab place.
    hope your sons eye fades soon...poor thing
    love jooles x


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