Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~Unexpected Gifts~

Today ended up being filled with unanticipated pleasures.
It started with some shopping while the Youngest was at violin. Normally I have 'important' things that need to be picked up during his hour lesson (like toilet paper and mouthwash), but today I found myself not 'needing' anything so I meandered over to Penny's which is where I found this beauty:

I love, love, love the color- and it looks pretty cute on as well.
Since I found the sweater pretty quickly and it ended up taking most of the birthday money I've been saving, I headed to Goodwill to kill the rest of the hour.
And what did I find?

Isn't is gorgeous!? And the exact amount leftover from buying the sweater!
I really love the bright, friendly colors! They shout "Spring!"

And then, speaking of spring- would you believe that the morning started out as dark and stormy as you can get, and then by lunchtime there was blue sky and sunshine?
I went out into the garden for the first time in quite awhile and the evidence of spring time was all over!
It's been a very mild winter in my corner.

Here is one of several buds on the clematis.

And here is that marvelous sun shining on one of my favorite pieces of garden art! 

Early spring bulbs.

Indeed, the tulips I planted last fall are poking their way up, so I guess the squirrels didn't win that battle after all.- and I can't remember what color they are suppose to be- isn't that fun?!

Brilliant golden crocus. Aren't they delicious?

And even more evidence of sun inside the house.

Happy, happy rainbows and flowers. Another surprise waiting for me to find.

And speaking of surprises- this is one I've been meaning to share for ages:
about a month ago, a very, very special gift came across the country just for me.
I had no idea it was coming- and I can't describe how meaningful it has been to me.
A fantastic, hand-stamped and specially made necklace by a dear friend-

Isn't it exquisite? It says, "be thou my vision" which is a very personal insight from God to me.
Nothing could have been more perfect and spoke to me as well as this unexpected gift. It has made me feel truly covered in love. In fact, I hardly ever take it off!

She hasn't asked me to do this or anything, but I wanted to share her lovely work and her shop which is here.
If you need any gifts for someone special- or for yourself- you need to check it out.
She does custom orders as well as ready-made jewelry and let me tell you, this picture just doesn't do her work justice. It is all truly made with love. :) 

Anyway- I hope you find your day filled with unexpected gifts- no matter how small or surprising!



  1. Beautiful gifts indeed!! That sweater is stunning and goes really well with the necklace.

  2. You had a day that just shouted, "Spring is Coming!" The golden glow of the crocuses, the promising buds of the clematis and the blue sky were all a gift indeed. And the sweater, well! I am eager to see you in it. And the bowl is lovely. You lucky girl. Enjoy to the fullest.

  3. love this post, jenniffer. it shows all the sweet ways that God is always trying to woo us and communicate His love to us! in the little things... :)
    1. love that sweater and LOVE jcpenney too.
    2. i totally adore that vintage china. we are kindred spirits!
    3. that rainbow on the wall is AMAZING. God is so wonderful to do things like that for you!!
    4. and you are too kind to mention the necklace and say such sweet things about me and my shop. wow. i am blessed to call you friend!
    :) lora

  4. I am so glad that you have had sunshine-y bits showing up in your life!
    The sweater is such a lovely rose shade and looks so springy and classy and I love the china bowl.
    Those yellow crocuses are so stunning!
    I am just so happy that "spring-time" is coming into your world.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. blessed you are to have Spring popping up in your yard...♥

    p.s. we are having a blizzard here today...:0(


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