Thursday, February 9, 2012


A week ago, the Younger and I headed out into the rare winter sunshine for a walk, a talk, and some fresh air.

When walking in my neighborhood, you invariably end up on Main Street which is only five blocks away from our home. I love our little Main Street- antique shops, coffee spots, a couple restaurants, salons, the bakery- and your local lawnmower seller, the run down Chinese food place, used cds, tattoo parlor and local bar known as "The Tiptop"- it's all good in it's wonderful mish-mash way.

One of my favorite little haunts is the 'Discovery Shop'- our local thrift store. I just love stopping by. The volunteers are friendly, prices reasonable, there's always a candy for the kids and every cent helps the American Cancer Society. And so, even though all we really needed was some t.p. from the Walgreens on the corner, we decided to duck in and see if we could 'discover' some treasure.
And in fact, we did!

Here is my treasure: a beautiful old bench! Isn't is lovely? And only eight dollars!
I absolutely fell in love with it.

Look at those legs- aren't they pretty? I love all the curvy lines.

I even like the fabric that it's covered in at the moment-
yes, I say 'at the moment' because I am already waring in my mind between two different fabrics that would make this little piece even more fabulous. 
I just can't decide, so for now it stays 'as is'.

There, another happy corner of the living room.
Another present from my Father who knows exactly what I love!



  1. wow that really is a beautiful bench and a fabulous bargain to boot!
    thank you for your sweet comment x
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  2. Great find.....
    Father knows best....LOL

  3. wow! what an amazing find!! i can't believe it was only $8!!


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