Saturday, October 1, 2011

All the Autumn's Joys ~October Welcome~

This month Autumn seems to come into it's own. 
Fog lays thick in the mornings, the sky later takes on a shameless bright blue, and the evenings tell us winter isn't too far off anymore.
The leaves turn to bursting flames before they drop and smolder on the ground. 
Time to gather together, wrap it up, pack it in. 

So much to take in: the smell of wood smoke and pumpkin innards, the sound of the wind tossing stray leaves down the deserted road and the crack and sizzle of the first fire of the season.

It's pumpkin patch time.
Along with walks out in the changing woods; chilled cheeks and hands warm from the thermos.
Here is the season for early evenings, apple spice candles and Good Earth tea. Some stitchery to keep your hands busy and a quilt to keep your toes warm.

Oh, how I love October.



  1. I love that old poem... what a find!

  2. Happy October. I like the poem you posted.


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