Friday, September 30, 2011

All the Autumn's Joys ~ Early Autumn Garden~

It's been a very full and stressful week. 
Now finally- Friday.
The weather forecaster is calling for rain for the next week beginning tomorrow.
Time for a quiet meander through the garden while I can.

The sun peeked out from time to time.
Without it there is a chill, but with it an embracing warmth. So very Fall.

There are still a few flowers brightening things here and there.

And the leaves are just beginning their Autumn show to brighten things further.

Funny how they turn at different paces. . . this one is just starting.

While this now half-bare.

The 'killer fur-balls' were obviously inside thus allowing other fury company.

My veggies are still way behind- green tomatoes; green red bell peppers.
And my pumpkins are microscopic. They'll be Christmas gourds at this rate.

Things are quiet in the human world this morning. 

Quiet and calm. Nurturing.
How nice to look about and see the beginnings of the colorful performance soon to take place.

A while from now . . . Autumn will reign.


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  1. i really like your yard!

    my garden was behind too... and then my pumpkins got some sort of mold. oh dear, next year will be better i think:)

  2. Another beautifully expressed post,Jennie. I just love the mossy birdbath! I sure wish Autumn would seep into my being. All the sights, sounds and smells are here, I just haven't FELT it yet! I've even had a narrow miss from squirrel meal shrapnel hitting me as I was doing yard work. Maybe if it hit my head it might have knocked the sense of Fall into me!


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