Tuesday, September 13, 2011

~September Scrubbing~

Sometimes all you need for 'freshening up' a space is a little soap and water . . .

. . .  a bit of sunshine and fresh air . . .

. . . starch and a warm iron . . .

. . . and a clean slate. 

(~Autumn's hydrangeas~)

(~Love birds and Pearls~)

(~Sweet little things on my dresser~)

(~can't begin to express how dusty and dull it all was before!~)



  1. Hello! Just found your blog and it's so sweet! And I've just been motivated to tidy up! Erica x

  2. Oh, yes! Such pleasure making clean and fresh our treasures and revisiting them can bring.

  3. I agree! And when you have a free sec...can you come do mine too? ;}

    m ^..^


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