Thursday, September 8, 2011

~A Morning's Light Meandering~

The light this morning was warm and golden~ the angle of the sun a bit lower than it has been. It was a quiet light, if there is such a thing. The type that makes you thoughtful, meditative, and reflective.

It gently hugged the room and spread it's glow. "Take it slow- enjoy the moment."


So a meander through the garden was taken. Breathing in the cool air. Celebrating what is to come . . .

. . .such as my peppers. Someday, these will be red!

And here an heirloom tomato takes a break on the tomato-cage. Doesn't he look like he's just sick and tired of hanging around? He too will be red-ish soon (I hope!) Then he can join the basil next door all sliced up on ricotta and toast!

It has been so unusually hot here lately, and all the garden is taking it hard. Funny how all summer it's been cool and rainy, and then September rounds the bend and the ninety-degree days decide to appear. Perhaps if the sun had been around a couple months earlier, my peppers and tomatoes would have been making an appearance at dinner-time for awhile now instead of hanging limp and green in the veggie box. Maybe they'll be around for Thanksgiving . . .

The hydrangeas are just getting their first blush of red that always marks the month of September- though a few still carry their first purple-ish color from June.

But mostly everything is bloomed out and dried up. The usual place for the September garden. Time to think about cutting back. And maybe a few fall annuals to freshen things up?

Yes- the spiders have been far more plentiful then veggies or flowers. If anyone saw me walking along the paths this morning they would think I was a crazy lady- one hand waving a stick wildly in front of me as I gingerly make my way around. Still I manage to get web stuck in my hair and around my legs. I don't think the spiders were expecting a feast my size, but they have certainly tried, and at times succeeded. Always a few new bites each day.

In fact, the only thing that is really happy in the garden at the moment (beside the spiders) is my toilet- or should I say, what is in my toilet. Impatiens, blue star creeper and ivy. 

These beauties seem to be getting everything they need. While all else is scorched, they go right on charming. And really, what is more charming than a potty pot? This one seems to be trying to make up for all the trouble it caused. As the saying goes, "When life gives you lemons- make lemon aid."- or a planter in this case!

Whatever your morning looks like, don't forget to take a few moments; enjoy the light and stop to smell the flowers! ;)


  1. Jenniffer
    What a fun post. I have so many tomatoes currently in the same state . I am hoping a few more weeks, maybe October.

  2. That mirror is absolutely gorgeous...I need one like that. And the creeper in the toilet (that sounds funny) looks very happy indeed. Pretty.

  3. Oughtta plant a shade-loving creeper in the tank and let it wind its way out the lever hole.


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