Friday, August 19, 2011

~Before, After, & after-After~

Back in June my 'sewing studio' (really, my desk) was moved from our guestroom to my bedroom. This has been in order to turn the guestroom into a bedroom for Oldest who will be turning twelve in a couple months. It was promised that at twelve he would no longer have to share a room with younger brother- a change I am looking forward to in hopes of less bickering. (please!) But all this moving around (not to mention painting, and repairing) has caused quite a few things to go homeless for awhile while I get around to finding new places for them. My sewing corner has been no exception. I knew the nook off our bedroom would be an okay place for relocation, but for nearly two months, this is how it looked. . .

Yeah- not pretty.
Or even useful.
Okay, it's really just a big mess.

But finally, necessity presented itself in the form of a friend's new baby arriving and I just HAD to make a blanket. And so, time was finally set aside and some order was created.
And thus- Behold, my sewing nook . . .

Here it is from afar- I'm actually pretty happy with how it has turned out. I honestly wasn't thrilled about having an area like this in my bedroom- too easy to have everything end up piled with clothes that need putting away. But I admit wanting to keep it clear enough to use has gotten me to put the clothes away directly which is probably a pretty good thing in and of itself. And I've been surprised by how peaceful it is to do sewing up here; far less interruption and it's also very pleasant to sit and feel the breeze from the open windows and look out into the treetops if I'm hand stitching. Very nice indeed.

And so, here we are up closer . . .

And there is my rainbow-ed collection of happy spools of thread . . .

And some details from above: embroidery floss in a see-through container from Ikea, a collection of covered oatmeal containers to store everything from binding to zippers (guess I eat a lot of oatmeal), and a bit of bunting to make it fun.

Still have a few more plans and tweaking to do, but for now it works for sewing, and that is what matters. In fact, here is what it looks like at this moment . . .

I've been having lots of fun playing in my little corner as you can see. I'll share more on that later. Happy happy Friday- I hope everyone gets the chance to have some 'playtime' this weekend. :)


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  1. What a great post. This is one sweet sewing corner you've created. I especially like how you have your "rainbow" housed - clever and sweet. It is also fun to recognize so many little bits from your Mommy. I would love to see a close up of the paper you used to cover the oatmeal boxes. (Truly the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.)


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