Thursday, December 18, 2014

~December So Far~

 Yes, indeed- this is exactly how December is making me feel!!

The advent garland was hung and filled December 1st . . .

And then ever so slowly the house was festooned . . .
in the livingroom, with a boxwood wreath, paper whites, wonky advent garland and sleeping kitty . . .

and in the kitchen, with more paper whites, and my brand new (early) birthday gift: this awesome shelf from World Market! Thank you, Grammie! :)

I bought this wooden village five or so years ago and bleached the bottle brush trees turning them from a bright emerald green to a more subdued green and golden-white. One of my favorite things!

The decorating continued off the kitchen to the basement entry. . .

Getting to go by this little house all lit up just gives me oodles of joy :) And I go up and down those basement stairs A LOT.

Also in the nook, hanging from my bird hook is one of my most treasured Christmas items- this stocking was my grandfather's from when he was a little boy . . . and then it was mine all the way through my childhood. It's grown so thin and threadbare that I chose not to use it for either of my boys, but instead I display it every year. It has little nursery rhyme scenes all stitched up with blue thread, tied with a red ribbon and some very old jingle bells. <LOVE> 
The snowflake was a gift from our Belgian friend. He knows I have a weakness for blue and white Wedgwood. ;)

And in the diningroom more Christmas abounds . . .

The picture below is the one and only I had time to take on the evening of our annual Caroling Party . . . we worked frantically non-stop all day long to get everything ready- but we think it turned out well despite the crazy. Lots of hot buttered rum does that. ;) 

Our tree was put in a corner by the hall . . .

I was really happy with how it turned out this year . . . we used 1,000 brand new white lights and only the white, silver, clear or gold ornaments in our collection. I say was happy because two days later and those lights suddenly stopped working. Yep- nothing but real life here.

Speaking of real life- there is way more than Christmas in our December . . . I've been kept on my toes with bad cats. . .
school concerts and events, lots of ebay orders (yay!) and lots of birthdays . . . so far my grandfather's- this feltie squirrel is for him...
and the Husband's- the Oldest made him breakfast and I baked him a cake . . .

and then next up is my own birthday and finally my brother-in-law's. So December so far is like every December . . . very, very full. :)
And it won't be too much longer until I can do this . . . !

Happy Holiday everyone!


  1. That stocking is such a treasure! And is that a built-in in the dining room? Love it! I keep thinking to myself "fast away the old year passes" - it's zooming by.

  2. Hi Barbara! "fast away the old year passes"- exactly! I have heard that verse for years and it never registered as to what it meant! Sounds like the busyness of this month has been around for a long, long time!

    Yes- that is a built-in in our dining room. One of my favorite features in our home :) I just hope we never have to move or I will have no place for all my teacups!

  3. Your home is just beautiful my lovely. Goodness me what a busy month! Happy birthday wishes to all ..... especially YOU ..... mwah xxx
    Wishing you and yours a beautiful, joyous and peaceful Christmas~time x
    love Jooles x x x

  4. Everything looks so pretty! I do love the shelf your Grammy gave you.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Your home looks so festive and cozy...just beautiful! I love the bottle brush trees...I have just a few but have always thought it would be a fun thing to collect.

    We always have tree lights that go out, too! What's up with that? haha.

  6. I adore all your little houses and vingettes!!! Your really know how to get the Merry going:) A very Merry Christmas and happy 2015 to you and your family, Jenniffer!!


  7. It's ridiculous how charming your house is! Love all of your Christmas decorations. I hope you've had the loveliest of holidays and that you are soaking up the goodness.


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