Thursday, November 6, 2014

~A Garden Break~

Last week I was able to dodge some rain showers and spend a little time out in the garden. It was a pale sun and all was damp, but still so nice to be outdoors. 

My 'thoughtful spot' tree is in it's prime . . .
bright red above with the leaf shedding only just begun. Poor thing lost some little branches as well. We get some big wind gusts this time of year and it seems like we loose a little more of this tree with each storm.

All the debris from the cedar trees along our alley way is starting to fall, too . . .

like a blanket to tuck all the flower beds in to sleep.

This north-sided hydrangea surprised me with a brand-new flowering at the tail-end of October. :)

Much of the south-side of the garden has been cut-back already. The heather is in bloom and the trees over here are just starting their fall transformation. Time to get the outdoor furniture packed away.

After admiring the garden for awhile, I was fortunate enough to get to take care of the very best of 'chores' fall has to offer . . . bulb planting!! My sweet sister surprised me with two packages of tulip bulbs- 'black hero' (purple) and 'spring green' (white with green). They look beautiful and I am SO excited to see them in their full glory come spring! I can't think of a nicer gift that keeps on giving. :) Thanks, Nina!!

Below is where I planted the 'black hero' bulbs. . . with furry help, of course. The 'spring green' were planted on the north side of the house where I will (hopefully) be able to see them from my studio windows when the time comes.

And then to round out my little garden break, I cut some of the choicest hydrangea (the few not-brown ones) and let them dry in the wee bit of sun we were having. Luckily the weather stayed dry most of the day and I was able to bring them into the house only semi-wet from all the rain we've had.

And now I get to enjoy them constantly- a happy reminder of gardening days. 

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  1. I'm so glad you like the bulbs! You are very welcome.
    Your thoughtful spot tree is lovely. I hope it won't be too much abused by the coming winter weather.


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