Wednesday, September 3, 2014

~It's That Time of Year Again~

 We had our last cookout of the season . . .

and finalized everything needed for back to school . . .

And then today the backpacks went on and new shoes were tied . . .

The boys were marched outside for their annual torture picture taking . . .
The Youngest went for silly.

The Oldest went for the modeling look. "Hey Ladies, check out this action . . ."

And then, because I'm really cruel, they had to pose with each other.
Don't they look thrilled?

Ah . . . much better. I think.

And off they went . . . and I am dancing jigs around the house!! ;)
The Youngest started seventh grade today . . . and his brother is now a ninth grader. Yes indeed, high school is upon us! Trying to soak it all in . . . wondering where time went and HOW DID I GET THIS OLD?! I remember my own freshmen year like yesterday (actually, better than yesterday. I really can't recall yesterday too well). Crazy stuff . . .

I would normally be way more emotional than I am on this first day of school, but it's also that time of year for the germs- and they seem to have gotten to me extra early this September! So I'm way too tired fighting some bug to make any more of it than it is. And that's probably a good thing. 

So lots of this today . . .

And tea, too . . .
And then it's early to bed for this mama.
Here's to hoping this is all the illness it's gonna be this month!

Happy September!


  1. Oh, no! I'm so sorry you are under the weather. Sending happy wishes for this school year for those sons!

    1. Thanks, Nellie! I'm hoping it won't last long :)

  2. I always danced a jig around the house, too! haha. Hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy the peace and quiet!

    1. Even sick I've been loving the quiet! All I've heard all day is the sound of a purring cat on my lap :)

  3. Get well soon! I have actually loved seeing all the back to school photos on blogs and Facebook, making me nostalgic but loving this season in my life. Headed over to see my grandsons today :)

    1. Thank you for the get well wishes! :)
      Enjoy that grandson- he'll be posing for back-to-school photos before we blink! ;)

  4. I love that even your supplements are in a pretty little display!

    1. Hey lovely lady! How cool to get a comment from you!!! :)
      Yes- all must be as pretty as possible around here (it helps to make up for the over-population of males in this house) Also- if the pills are in plain sight and labeled the men may actually remember to take them . . . in theory.

    2. I admire your organized chalkboard checklist!! I could learn a thing or 2 from you. YOur boys sure are handsome devils:) HOpe they had a good first week. It's kind of overwhelming, yeah?

      I am ready for fall!!!


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