Wednesday, July 16, 2014

~My Thoughtful Spot~

Welcome to my garden!
Over the last few months a new garden corner has slowly been taking shape.
Ground has been cleared.
Some plants removed. Mulching and planting have taken place.
And a path has been added to border it as well.

If you follow the path round the bend, you'll find it . . .

my thoughtful spot.

Please come and have a seat!
It's comfortable here in the morning shade. Still cool and very still.
Can you hear the bird chatter yet?

Take a look to your right and you'll see the view below:
hydrangea in bloom, a carpet of succulents, a dwarf lilac and wispy grasses.

And to your left?
The old birdbath has a new home here.

Look straight ahead and you'll see where the path ends . . . here at the thoughtful spot.
It' time to be still and enjoy the gift of now.
Ahhh. . . .

Of course, there are times the solitude may be broken . . .
actually, I have yet to come out here without the company of someone furry!

I think it's the proximity to the birdbath.

I mean, the kitty bowl.
(And I wonder why I've yet to see a bird bathing here!)

Some people's thoughtful spots are other's drinking fountains I suppose.

“Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits...” 


  1. Beautiful! You've really done a lot of work and it's paying off! And I just love that last picture! Adorable! My cats love to drink from the bird bath, too.

  2. Oh, yes. That last picture! Purr-fect! Lovely, thoughtful spot. Does it make a brain grown where one is missing? Like, you know, in my head? If so, I'll be right there!

  3. You have a nice, "thoughtful spot"! And, a sweet companion to share it with.

  4. I'd totally sit out on that chair all day reading.


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