Tuesday, March 4, 2014

~Sneaking Out Into Spring~

Yes- the forsythia really is about to blossom! Early March or not, Spring is sneaking in . . .
We've had much warmer temperatures for the last couple of days, so I took a meander through the garden to investigate . . . I found I was not alone!
I was joined by something white, spotted, fury and completely crazy . . . this one has Spring Fever in a bad way!

The next succession of photos were taken in about 2.7 seconds- he was just freaking out on that chair!

And he was no better as we made our way through the garden. At one point he tripped me and nearly sent me to the ground!

As we went about I mostly found a royal mess- I was sick all last Fall and the annual garden cutting back and cleaning up just never happened. But I did find promising bits of color, too . . .
 Early Spring crocus are dotting little patches of the garden with bright, happy color! 
 Aren't they fabulous? Oh, color- how I have missed you!
 This, on the other hand has not given me a moment's peace to even consider missing it. I got in a whole two shots with the camera before he reappeared, bouncing his way here and there like Tigger in Winnie-the-Pooh. Up a tree- down again- flying over a bush . . .
 and then to the top of the playground. The camera must follow him at all times!
 Despite not having been cleaned up in the Fall, the garden looks like it fared pretty well . . . lots of sticks and fir branches on the ground from wind storms, but beside that, not too bad. 
Though, I did notice this fellow and his trusty frog look worse for wear.
 And some naughty son of mine left his bike lying out in the elements all Winter . . . hopefully it can still be ridden with all that rust! I would say it could be a good lesson learned, but I sincerely doubt that with This One . . . he is rather hell-bent on not learning any lessons. 
He has voiced this often. 
Is Spring sneaking in to your part of the world . . . ?


  1. Love his blue eyes! Spring in my world...no..not yet! But yours is looking very promising!

    1. I will pass on the compliment to him! ;)
      I should put out the disclaimer that while Spring is sneaking in, there's nothing to say we won't find a blanket of snow a week from now!
      Hope you're enjoying your still-winter-world!

  2. Yes, signs of Spring daily! My kitty is getting Spring Fever - I keep telling her that soon we will be outside working in the garden daily.

    1. Sounds like I'm not the only one with a furry gardening companion!

  3. No sneaks of Spring here yet but I loved seeing yours. I wish I could take a cat out in the garden with me. I love the idea of them sunning themselves in the flowerbeds. If only I could get them to promise not to leave the yard? We didn't do any fall cleanup last year either and boy am I regretting that about now. Ours was pure laziness. At least you had an excuse!

  4. Jennifer, Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Yes, spring is here in Vancouver. Lots of color popping up everywhere. I love crocuses but so do my squirrels. They seem to leave the daffodils alone.
    Enjoy the weather this week. You and your kitty can get out in the yard every day. I know I sure need to get outside and do some weed pulling. UGH!

    Debbi (from Hazel Dell)


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